miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

† The Crawl †

† The Crawl †

I’m a little insect 
encourages the silent night
I linger all alone hiding 
for not being in the way
Who can think about me? 
If I’m hardly showing up 
I’m just a lost cloud, 
swamping in the air
flying in the gloomy
And hot atmosphere….

I am a silly moth 
chasing the light 
and looking for warm
Be the last one 
it relieves me
even if I’m a really woeful

What brazen have I been? 
Trying to long , Now I got it;
love is not a big deal…….
Love transcends or ends
Dry your eyes now and 
don’t look back

I was wrong for a long time,
I could not measure my attitude 
this is the consequence
 the pain crawls me incessantly….

I don’t have any trick 
to mend my insanity
I did afford pretending to be
The number one in a forbidden heart
Hush, it’s better to vanish 
before it is too late.

I’ll leave no memories, no hopes, 
without a torch Of love in me.

       By. Gothic Embrace


3 comentarios:

  1. Hola.

    Este poema lo siento muy triste, como si se dejara de luchar y optar por el olvido.
    No me malinterpretes, me gustó; pues es tristemente hermoso; pero yo lucharía.


  2. Te comprendo.
    Pero arriba ese ánimo.

    Oye, por cierto.
    Te dejo mi mail por si deseas agregarme.


  3. i lost my only love
    i made some mistakes
    and i admited when
    it was too late ----