martes, 11 de enero de 2011

†Don't Ask†

†Don't Ask†

Dont Ask
         how my feeling flows for you         
Don’t ask, how much I wish to be
Don’t ask much, what am I thinking about?
Nor where I hide the purity mirrors
To watch my eyes when I image you
Inside my head.
Don’t whisper to anyone that I’m lost
Because I’m just a wandering soul
Don’t ask if the love kills me
I die for an ineffable and mute thought
For an immense pain.
Don’t ask, coz I really know
You ask nothing If you’d know
at night, dream to fall on your face
And it seems that you might wake up
I want to care your dream as for you sleep.
Let me go, sooner or later I’ll be away...
I sigh, teasing my pain...
                                                     By: Gothic Embrace

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  1. OK.

    No preguntaré nada, solo contemplaré la magia de tu escrito.